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How to design your child's first college care package

August 26, 2014

Now that your son or daughter is away from home again, you'll most likely have to bide your time until you see him or her again during Thanksgiving break. However, out of sight doesn't always mean out of mind, especially when your kids are involved. If you miss your child and want to send a thoughtful college gift, here are some useful tips.

Decorations for the dorm
Moving into a new area can be difficult for your child, especially if your young adult is not that good at decorating or staying tidy. If that's the case, you can send a few gifts to help make a college room feel more like home. Send some posters your child might like or even some holiday decorations. Halloween knickknacks can be a fun way to show your child that you care. However, remember that dormitories can have certain regulations pertaining to appliances, decorations and other materials. Check your son's or daughter's student handbook before purchasing something you're not sure about. 

Send food
The dining facilities vary at different institutions. Some schools have top-notch dining halls, but others might be comparable to the high school cafeteria. In either scenario, your child will most likely appreciate some snacks in a care package. Remember to check expiration dates to make sure food will arrive and keep after shipping. To sidestep the tedious shipping procedure, check what restaurants or grocers deliver in your child's area. This way, you can call a restaurant directly, place an order for your child's address and give him or her a call once the food is on the way. After a few weeks at the cafeteria, your child will appreciate the change of pace.

The essentials
For many students, this is their first time buying everything for themselves, and they might have trouble adjusting. Don't be afraid to send some essentials in a care package. You'll be surprised how much college students can appreciate toothpaste, toilet paper, deodorant and the like. Sure, your child should be purchasing these things independently, but adjusting to a busy college schedule can be difficult. Many students let personal items fall through the cracks.

Something special
Remember to throw in a little something special for your son or daughter. Pack a newspaper from home, a family photo, something from town you can't get anywhere else or anything that will remind your child of the family. No matter what you pack, include a note. Phone calls are nice, but a handwritten message can be a very heartwarming gift.

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