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Get the best deals for back-to-school shopping

August 14, 2014

Every family has its own game plan for back-to-school shopping, but navigating all the sales and traffic can be a hassle. Use these tips to save money on school supplies and have a stress-free shopping experience. 

Use price comparison applications
Your smartphone can turn you into a smart shopper. Apps like SaleSorter show you what stores in the area are having major sales. You can use this app and similar technology to find the best deals on clothing and school supplies.

Another valuable app is the ShopSaavy Barcode Scanner. If you have a nagging feeling that you could get a product cheaper at a different store, this app lets you scan the barcode and will display prices at other retailers.

Take advantage of price matching
If you see a great deal advertised at Target, but Wal-Mart is closer to your house, there's no need to expend the extra gas. Wal-Mart offers price matching on any item, so bring along flyers from other stores. Staples has a similar price match guarantee. Not only will they match a lower price on an item, but they'll give you an extra 10 percent off the difference. If you patronize a different retailer, see if they have a price-matching policy. It never hurts to ask.

Shop online
If you're looking for an excuse to skip the craziness of the mall, U.S. News & World Report reported that you can find great back-to-school deals online. If you subscribe to promotional emails, there are often Internet-only deals that are just as good as the ones you'll find in stores. If you're willing to spend a little time searching, you can probably find coupon codes for free shipping or whole-purchase discounts.

Wait until school starts
In the rush to get things off the to-do list, we can sometimes jump the gun on shopping. If your child is taking five classes, why not just buy five notebooks and folders and be done with it? There are two reasons why this isn't the best approach. The first is that some teachers have specific requirements - a three-ring binder or a three-subject notebook - that you won't know until school starts. Secondly, back-to-school sales are usually the best during the first few weeks of school. While it may not be the easiest option, waiting for school to start might be the best way to save money.

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