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Everything you need to know about tag clouding

August 6, 2014

You may not know what a tag cloud is by name, but you've surely seen at least a few. This visual representation of text data is commonly seen on the sidebars of websites, and lets the reader know at a glance what the most popular search terms are within a site. It appears as a cluster of words, some vertical and some horizontal, at varying font sizes, with the most prominent subjects standing out among the cloud. 

While this design feature was made for the digital world, people are noticing that they can actually make a great piece of wall art as well. 

Generate your own tag clouds online
In short, tag clouds are a fun way to portray information, and there are a variety of websites you can go to in order to create word clouds of your own. One of the more popular websites is Wordle, which will generate a variety of different images based on the words that you input. Other websites that are easy to use include Tagul, ABC Ya, Tag Crowd and Word It Out, just to name a few.

How to use tag clouds

The possibilities are endless as far as what image you want to create that utilizes text - so too are the ways in which you can decorate your home with them. Here are a few:

1. Make wall art for the dining room. Choose an excerpt from a favorite cooking book or blog. 

2. A child's favorite story would be perfect tag cloud fodder for a nursery

3. Create a classy conversation piece for the living room (or any room). Print a tag cloud image you really like on high-quality paper, then framing it. No matter where you put it, it's guaranteed to serve as a conversation piece that may cause a few double takes.

4. You may also want to use tag clouding for labeling purposes. This can serve as a unique way to get more organized in your home office, kitchen or bedroom. Of course, you'll want the printout of the tag clouds to be appropriately sized, so you'll have to adjust the font  depending on what you'll be placing them on, such as bookshelves or office bins. 

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