Eliminate offensive kitchen odors by cleaning your fridge

March 28, 2014

refrigerator odorsNormally, you want to walk into your kitchen and have your nostrils serenaded by the sweet smell of cookies baking or something as equally as delicious - but that does not always seem to happen. If you are ever assaulted by offensive odors in this room, the first place to look is your refrigerator. By straightening out this appliance every so often, you can help your HMS service plan in keeping it in tip-top shape, in addition to ensuring that your kitchen smells as delightful as a basket of roses. Housekeeping superstar Martha Stewart advises that you go through your fridge, foraging for spoiled food that can emit unpleasant odors. Take everything out, check expiration dates and make sure that nothing is leaking any foul-smelling liquid. If you find items that are far past their prime, toss those in the trash, but leave the rest of your food out for a bit as you give the inside of your fridge an intensive scrubbing. Before doing so, the domestic guru recommends that you unplug your appliance and allow it to warm up a little prior to going to town with the washing. Real Simple explained that the most effective way to have your fridge squeaky clean is to take out all the drawers and removable components so you can place them directly in the sink. Using warm water and dish detergent, wash everything and let it air dry. In the meantime, spray the inside of your fridge with a cleaning agent and wipe it down. As soon as both portions of your appliance are dry, put it back together and plug it in. While you stock the refrigerator back up with your food, be certain to take a wet rag and clean off each container before you place it inside so that you remove food remnants that could continue to make a stink in your now-sparkling fridge.