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DIY: Transforming a wood pallet into an outdoor table

July 23, 2014

You probably don't think of a wooden pallet as being anything more than a vessel used to store items or transfer goods, like bundles of newspaper or potted plants. But if you peruse your favorite home design website or magazine, you'll find that pallets are used for more than utilitarian purposes. In fact, they're often recast in a variety of ways and serve as decorative art pieces to hang on walls, miniature storage units for shoes and sneakers, and even shelves to hold books or pictures.

Yet seeing as how wood pallets are by their nature flat surfaces, what better way to use them than by converting them into a table? Though it may sound complex, you'd be surprised as to how easy you can create one of your own. If you already have some comfy chairs for your outdoor living area, these DIY tips from home design blog Joy Everafter offer a great idea for how you can build an outdoor pallet table to go along with those chairs.

Here's what you'll need:

  • 2 wooden pallets
  • 1 4x4 board of lumber
  • 4 caster wheels with nuts and bolts
  • L-brackets and screws
  • Stain for painting (optional)
  • Hammer
  • Nails

1.This particular table is low to the ground and attached with wheels, making it perfect for low lounge chairs and easy to move. Determine the height you want by subtracting the height of the caster wheels and the two pallets. Then you'll cut the 4x4s so that they all are the same size. Ideally, the legs should be about 6 inches long, as each piece will be situated between the two pallets at the four corners.

2. Attach the four legs to the top of the lower pallet and the underside of the upper pallet with a nail and hammer so that they're solidly in place.

3. Once this is done and the top pallet is secured with the lower one, grab the casters, which will go on the bottom four corners of the lower pallet so that your table can roll. Just screw in the nuts and bolts into the appropriate holes in the L-shaped brackets.

4.  If you want your pallet to have a rustic look, then you're pretty much done at this point. However, if you want it to have some color so that it blends in with your outdoor space or other furniture, stain is the best type of paint to use. You may want to get some extra as wood can absorb large quantities of it, depending on the quality of the wood.

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