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Channel spring with a fresh paint color

April 8, 2014

When you consider what spring represents, you'll probably associate it with sunshine and new beginnings. If you want to participate in the spirit of the season, then why not channel a share of this energy toward renovating your home? In the domestic realm, nothing says rejuvenation like a fresh coat of paint - keep these tips in mind when choosing a hue:

• Pick a point of reference. By looking around your home - in your wardrobe or china closet - and noticing which colors you already favor, you can gain inspiration for a new paint shade. 

• Don't go overboard with your color combos. If you want to mix tones together, be sure to stick with three at the most. Make one of these a neutral, so as not to assault the eye with too many bold hues.

• Are you color shy? Ease into a bright tint by painting a small area first to see how you really feel about it. By testing a color out on an accent wall, you can determine your true feelings for the shade, then extend it to the rest of the room if the passion is still there weeks or months later. 

• Take into account the activities of a space, then you can pinpoint a mood that you want to create. From there, you'll have a better idea of the kind of color to use on the walls.  

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