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Celebrate National Watermelon Day with fruit salad fit for a museum

August 1, 2014

National Watermelon Day is Aug. 3, and that means you'll need some watermelon art to celebrate! There are dozens of decorative designs and interesting patterns you can cut into a watermelon with ease. One of the most versatile watermelon creations you can make is a fruit salad basket. Making one takes just 20 minutes if you're using a basic design.

What you'll need
You don't need much to carve a watermelon. Think of what you use to carve a pumpkin on Halloween. To decorate a watermelon is a similar process. Make sure you have:

  • A large knife 
  • A thin serrated knife or craft knife
  • A non-toxic marker 
  • An ice cream scoop

When you buy the watermelon, try to find one with a flatter bottom so it won't roll around when it's finished. Also, buy a watermelon with a slightly yellow color. This color means the watermelon is ripe.

The steps

  1. Before you begin cutting, find the center of the melon and trace a line around the fruit lengthwise with the marker. The line you draw should bisect the watermelon into two bowl-shaped pieces. Draw two more lines from the top of the melon down to the center line. This will be a decorative handle for your watermelon basket.
  2. After tracing, begin cutting off the upper half of the melon. Don't cut through the space for the handle. Cut down from the top on the outer edge of the handle lines. This should create two quarter-sized chunks of watermelon that you can remove and set aside for later.
  3. The remaining top watermelon flesh should be just below the handle portion. Carefully cut the flesh out, keeping the watermelon rind intact on top. Set aside this portion of watermelon as well. 
  4. Using the ice cream scoop, dig out the remaining flesh from the lower half of the watermelon, creating a bowl shape. Set the watermelon scoops aside - they'll go into the fruit salad later.
  5. Use the craft knife to trim the edges of the watermelon basket that your scoop couldn't dig out.
  6. Now is the fun part: Use your marker to draw designs on the edges and into the handle that you can cut out carefully with the craft knife. Sawtooth patterns and hearts in the handle are especially popular. 
  7. Finally, fill your watermelon basket with fresh fruit salad and the leftover watermelon  flesh from earlier. 

And there you have it! Your decorative watermelon basket should be fresh and ready for the holiday. 

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