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Are you optimizing garage space?

January 30, 2015

Why put boxes of your stuff in storage when you have perfectly good space in the garage? Aside from protecting cars from harsh climates, they are a great place to keep some antiques and memory chests because they're typically cold, dark and secure. All you have to do is make a little room within the garage to use it for storage and you're good to go. 

Declutter before you add more stuff
To make use of the garage, you'll have to get rid of any junk first. Do a general sweep of the area and throw away anything that no longer serves a purpose. Then, arrange tools, shoes and other belongings so that they're in one place and remain out of your way. 

If you tend to lose stuff, consider painting one wall of the garage with chalk paint, which can serve as a giant organization board as suggested by Real Simple. You can write words like "shovels" or "keys" so the whole family knows where to put items when they're done using the. Aside from this physical reminder, do your best to sort through items and keep them separate according to specific categories. 

Invest in some inexpensive but practical containers. Keep the family beach toys in a tin tub or bucket, like the one shown on the source's website. Take it a step further by organizing the components of the bin into plastic bags. 

Take advantage of wall space and put up shelves, racks and hooks so that items aren't strewn all over the floor. As demonstrated on DIYN Crafts, you can stack large and small bins on top of the shelves if you have a lot of winter clothes and other items you need to keep together. For the bigger stuff, like bikes, kid's toys and scooters - hang a wall rack. You'll free up so much additional space when you don't have larger items lying around.

Stop storage from becoming an eyesore
Often, storage tends to go by the wayside and becomes aesthetically unpleasing. This can throw the feng shui of your living environment off, thus creating a more uncomfortable area. Don't let your stuff collect in a way that looks more like a pile of junk. You'll want visitors to know that all of your hanging and stacking is intentional organization. 

Paint the shelves, steps and other storage tools to spruce the place up, as suggested on DIYN Crafts. Use floor tiles or wallpaper to cover up unattractive walls in the garage. If you're ambitious, you can even turn your garage into a personal gym or an office. 

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