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7 tips to clean your dishwasher

March 13, 2015

Your dishwasher needs a good cleaning every now and then. Neglecting the machine can leave you with dishes that are still covered in food, even after a wash cycle. No one wants that. Follow these eight tips to keep your dishwasher clean and your dishes sparkling!

1. Remove gunk from the filter
USA Today explained that over time the filter in your dishwasher becomes clogged with debris. The proper term for this garbage is "redeposit." Clean out the filter to prevent redeposit from dirtying your plates, forks, knives and glasses. Open the dishwasher and remove any buildup by hand or with a scrubbing brush, then toss it in the trash. 

2. Wipe down the exterior
Remember, the outside of your dishwasher is full of germs too. Wipe off any fingerprints or food stains using either a paper towel or wash cloth and some warm water. 

3. Wash with 1 cup of vinegar
It might seem counterintuitive, but this astringent solution works as a great cleaning agent for dishwashers. Tidy Mom blog suggested wiping down the inside of the dishwasher using a toothbrush dipped in vinegar. Scrub and reapply the solution as needed. 

4. Run the dishwasher using vinegar as soap
Tidy Mom also suggested running a cycle with vinegar instead of your normal washing solution. Open the dishwasher, pour 2 cups of vinegar into the bottom of the machine then turn it on low. 

5. Pause the machine mid-cycle
The source then explained that it's important to stop the machine before the cycle finishes. Time it so that the machine is filled with water and vinegar. This gives it a chance to really soak. The blogger admitted that she sometimes lets her machine sit overnight. 

6. Run another cycle with soap
To get rid of that pungent vinegar smell, run the empty dishwasher once more using your regular soap. Wipe it down with paper towels. 

7. Dump tang in the dishwasher
If you're not sold on the idea of putting vinegar in your machine then substitute Tang - the orange, fruity drink. According to One Creative Mommy blog, the powder will chip away any deposits on the inside of the dishwasher.

To clean the dishwasher with Tang, take any dishes out of the dishwasher, start the appliance, stop the dishwasher, add Tang and finish the cycle. 

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