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6 pointers for homemade birthday cards

April 28, 2015

It seems like every month there are a bunch of birthdays to celebrate, which means gift shopping and picking out the card. This may be the hardest part. Everyone knows that it's the thought that counts, which is why you should save your money and instead spend a little time making your own cards. You might find that you're having a blast! Here are six pointers to make creative and personable cards.

1. Get innovative with the template
You're not confined to flimsy pieces of construction paper. In fact, you should toss those aside and go for materials that are sturdier and more attractive. Better Homes and Gardens magazine suggested using textured card stock, lightweight metal accents and other unique items as the base and decor of the card

2. Say it with 1,000 words
Not good with your words? Not to worry. Just use a cover photo that'll bring tears to someone's eyes. After all, a picture is worth 1,000 words. If you're making a card for your mother, use a picture from your childhood. Photos of special vacations, celebrations or candid moments are great for cards for siblings, aunts, uncles and friends. 

3. Add an element of surprise 
Older and Wisor blog offered up this genius suggestion. Make a birthday or holiday card with three candles on the front. The candles will be made out of paper. You can make them any colors you'd like, but where the third candle would go, instead roll up and tape a $20 bill. It's a great way to surprise your recipient with a one-of-a-kind card and some extra money! 

4. Bedazzle it in your own way
If you're making a card to tell someone you love him or her, use a googly eye as part of the decor. Parents magazine suggested cutting a hole out of the front of the card, then gluing a googly eye to the inside of the card. Make sure the eye and the hole line up so the eye pops through the cover of the card. Then attach a heart-shaped piece of decor and write the word "you" on the card. It's the perfect way to tell someone you love him or her!

5. Make it a fun shape 
Literally tailor the shape of the card to go with the theme of the occasion. If you're heading to a wedding, make a tux or a dress card, suggested Split Coast Stampers. 

6. Line the envelope
Attach a pretty piece of stationary to the upper inside part of the envelope. It's a special little touch to an already lovely gesture. 

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