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5 ways to keep the heat inside your house this winter

December 5, 2014

Heat is expensive, which is why conservation is crucial during the winter months. The trouble is, there are plenty of ways for it to escape your house. Here are five ways to keep the heat inside this season. 

1. Capitalize on free heat
For starters, take advantage of natural sunlight because it can make your house feel more toasty. Before you leave for work, open the curtains and blinds to let light into each room, suggested Energy.com. Magnify the amount of sun each room receives by hanging some mirrors on the walls. It'll reflect off of them and reach places that aren't usually illuminated.

2. Cover up hardwood floors
Place area rugs over any hardwood floors throughout your house. Add a second or third rug to your living room if you already have one there. Not only will this technique keep your toes warm, but it'll also keep the heat in the place where you want it to be. In addition to this strategy, consider buying a new pair of slippers or some fuzzy socks, suggested the Farmer's Almanac.

3. Close off unused spaces
If there are rooms in your house that don't get much use during the winter, such as the bedroom of a child who's away at college, then close that area off from the rest of the house. Leaving the doors open is wasting heat that can be used in another part of your home. Don't forget to open the room if it turns out you're having guests stay over for the holidays. You'll want to re-introduce heat to the space so it's not ice cold. 

4. Decorate with candles and bright colors
Most people know that you can't really raise the temperature a few degrees with candles unless of course you had hundreds of them, and that's dangerous. However, making a house feel warmer has much to do with perception. Decorating with candles and some bright colors can make you feel warmer, even if the room remains the same temperature. 

5. Patch up any crevices
If you've taken to these strategies, but still find you're house isn't warm, it could mean that you have a hole somewhere out of sight. Look around the attic, basement and other rooms that aren't used as frequently. Perhaps you simply forgot to close a window in the attic since no one has been up there since the summer. Patch up any holes in the walls with some caulk and cover them with plastic wrap if you can feel that heat is still escaping. 

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