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5 water games your kids are sure to love

August 6, 2014

You don't have to be a pool owner to enjoy some great water activities. Here are a few do-it-yourself ideas from Parenting.com that both you and your kids will enjoy as you "soak" up the sun's rays.

1. Have a sprinkler party. What kid hasn't felt the urge to jump through one on a hot summer day? Bonus Extra water for the lawn.

2. Play water stream jump rope. Play a game where the kids have to jump over a strong stream of water spraying from the hose. With you moving the hose back and forth, the goal is to see if they can jump over the stream without it touching their feet.

3. Do the limbo. You can use the garden hose as a limbo stick. However, instead of the hose itself, the stream of water is what kids have to try to get under without touching. And when it's hot out, they probably won't mind getting drenched.

4. Fill up an inflatable pool. If your kids are real young, you may want to introduce them to swimming by filling up an inflatable pool. This is a great way to get them comfortable with what it's like to be in the water so that they become used to it as they grow older.

5. Have a 'blast' with ball blast. With some extra rope, set up a circle or square on the lawn. The objective is to use the water that's spraying out of the hose in order to push one or several balls into the space you set up. Whoever does it the fastest wins.

For more suggestions on DIY water activities, visit Parenting.com.

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