5 tips for remodeling the kitchen on a budget

July 21, 2015

There are plenty of ways to remodel your kitchen without stretching your budget. Many American families take little shortcuts to make the cooking space look fabulous. 

Here are five tips for remodeling the kitchen on a budget. 

1. Prioritize your needs 
Remodeling the kitchen can be a big project that stretches out over the course of a few years. However, it's possible to tackle the bulk of the work in a few weekends by simply prioritizing. In the same way you'd pick out new clothes, base your decisions on needs instead of wants. Getting a new counter can make a world of difference in a home with little space for chopping vegetables. 

Debt Steps recommended leaving yourself a little room in the budget for entertainment and allowances. Skimping on these during remodeling can have an adverse affect on you, causing you to fruitlessly take money from your remodeling stash.

2. Hold yourself accountable 
You can be your own worst enemy when it comes to meeting your goals. Many people get in their own way with a quick change of heart or other obstacle. If you can control your thoughts so that you carry out your plan, you'll have a dashing new kitchen in no time.

In fact, Forbes magazine claimed that you can achieve any goal with effort and good habits. For example, the source suggested creating a vision board that will motivate you to be consistent with your steps. This can help lead you to the prize: a beautiful kitchen.

3. Shop savvy
There's no need to rush into purchases even if you find a piece that you're in love with. Chances are, you'll be able to find a similar item of the same value for a few dollars less. Research websites and get advice from your friends on where you can score the best deals. 

4. Explore credit options 
Remember that charging your new kitchen supplies to a credit card could end up costing you significantly more money in the long term. Many credit card companies are attractive for offering 0 percent interest for the first year, but this deal won't do you much good if you're not planning to pay off this debt within 12 months. Examine options and compare all outcomes so you're not burdened with a hefty bill for years to come.

5. Plan ahead
Thinking about the future can save you money because it can reduce the risk of having to pay a lot of money to replace an appliance. Remodeling is the perfect occasion to look into an HMS home warranty. 

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