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5 tips for decorating your mantel this autumn

October 6, 2014

If your mantel is looking a bit plain, give it a fun and festive makeover this fall. It's extremely easy to decorate with objects that you have around the house, collect in the yard or buy for a few dollars at the craft store. Use these five tips to put together a magazine-worthy seasonal mantel.

1. Use layers
A two-dimensional display will be boring, so layer your decorations for an added pop. Start with a large, flat object at the back of the mantel - a mirror, old window or picture is perfect. Then, add a few thin objects in front of it. These can be smaller stand-alone photos, some candles or a wreath. Finally, place some three-dimensional objects to really catch people's attention. Vases, flowers or seasonal decorations will do the trick.

2. Don't shy away from color
Autumn conjures up mental images of orange, brown, yellow and red decorations. While these are traditional fall colors, they don't have to overwhelm your display. In fact, adding a pop of other colors will give your mantel extra appeal. Consider adding a turquoise or lime green object that will complement your decorations and break up the monochromatic color scheme.

3. Incorporate a homemade garland
Adding a homemade craft will make your mantel unique. One easy idea is to create a festive garland to drape across the front of the fireplace (assuming you're not planning to light a fire). You can make a garland from scraps of fabric, fallen leaves or any other objects that you have lying around. Check Pinterest for inspiration - there are tons of easy crafts to try.

4. Produce is perfect
If your mantel is still looking a little sparse, consider incorporating some fake fruit or gourds. A couple of apples, pears or pumpkins will fill out the shelf nicely and serve as a great focal point. You can also choose to use real pumpkins at the base of your mantel to really get in the fall spirit. Include a few ears of Indian corn or some fake leaves alongside them.

5. Sign your work
When you're happy with your arrangement, incorporate your initial for a final flourish. You can purchase a wooden letter at a craft store and paint it any color you please. Prop the letter up or hang it on the wall for the perfect bit of personalization. Your guests are sure to compliment your decorations and will know exactly who the artist is!

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