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5 steps for cleaning your dryer

November 12, 2014

If your dryer has been doing a less-than-stellar job on your laundry, it might need a thorough cleaning. You should be cleaning out the lint filter after every load, but once or twice a year you should give the appliance a deep clean. Use these five steps to clean the inside and outside of your dryer.

1. Clean out the lint trap
Even if you're a stickler about cleaning the lint filter, particles can get sucked into the inside of the dryer. This can become a fire hazard if you don't clean them out once in a while. Remove your dryer's lint trap and use a vacuum to suck out any fibers, hairs and lint particles. If you know how, you should also detach the discharge hose and clean out any debris. Consult the appliance manual if you're unsure of how the hose works.

2. Remove any stains
When a pen gets left in someone's pocket and ends up in the laundry, it can make a mess of your dryer. If you have ink or dye stains in your drum, you'll want to wash them off so they don't rub off onto other clothes. Spray a little bit of all-purpose cleaner onto a rag, then gently scrub the stains. You can spin the drum to get a better angle. Once the stain is gone, wipe the area down with a little bit of soapy water to remove any cleaner residue.

3. Wash down the drum
While you have the soap and water out, wipe down the rest of the drum. Lint and dirt can cake up on the walls and rub off on your laundry. Use a soft cloth to go over the sides of the drum, then dry it off with another rag.

4. Clean the moisture sensor
If your dryer has an "automatic dry" setting, there's a moisture sensor somewhere inside the drum. Take a minute to clean off any buildup that may have accumulated on the sensor. If there's dirt or lint on it, your clothes might end up too dry or still damp, so make sure to give it a once-over.

5. Polish the outside
Once the inside of your dryer is spick-and-span, why not make the outside shine too? Wipe down paint finishes with all-purpose cleaner on a soft rag. If there are any scuff marks, take a magic eraser to them. If you have a stainless steal appliance, use glass cleaner to remove fingerprints and smudges. Dry the appliance well to prevent streaks from forming.

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