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5 iPhone apps for household duties

February 26, 2015

You use your smartphone to take pictures, send work emails, peruse your favorite social media channels and just about everything else. So why wouldn't you use it for household duties? 

Here are five iPhone apps that can make cleaning a bit easier.

1. HomeRoutines
This app will divvy up your chores into days of the week, and more specifically, it'll categorize each one as a morning or evening chore. The built-in timer is helpful to keep you on track, so you really can tackle sweeping the kitchen in under 15 minutes. After you accomplish something, the app will give you a gold star, according to the app's website.

2. Beep & Boop
​Do you have a tough time getting your kids to help out around the house? Download this app, which promises to train your children to clean more often. The app helps teach your kids what's right and wrong by reinforcing behavior with different tones, summarized Mashable. Open the app and clean together. When your child obeys orders click the beep button, but when he or she doesn't listen to you, select the boop. Then, you - the parent - are in charge of rewarding your kids when they do something good. It's classical conditioning at its finest.

3. Penultimate
You don't have to worry about forgetting picking the kids up from soccer with this app. It helps you keep your thoughts in order. According to Evernote.com, you can jot down your notes or sketch them out, then search for them later.

4. Tody
​Take control of your cleaning habits with Tody. The app lets you customize your chore schedule rather than telling you what to do. Pick the room of the house that you'd like to tidy up, then pick out specific tasks and choose a time frame in which you'd like to accomplish each one. The app keeps track of how many days overdue certain chores are so you can have an easier time prioritizing. 

5. MyThings
​For $7, you can stay on top of those boxes that are collecting mold in storage. This app lets you snap a photo of your stuff, so you can remember where you put old clothes, artwork or anything really. You'll never have to waste time wondering where you may have put something. 

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