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5 great cities to visit this summer for less

June 24, 2014

Like peanut butter and jelly or macaroni and cheese, "summer" and "vacation" are two words that just seem to go together, each sounding incomplete without the other alongside. And as per usual, many people will be spending the hazy days of summer in parts unknown or only traveled to on special occasions.

But with the price of travel being what it is, not to mention the expense of booking hotel rooms, vacations are often pricey. However, according to Travelocity, there are several great places to visit where hotel rates are less than $200.

These are just a handful of the cities that Travelocity says will help you enjoy your summer vacation without breaking the bank.

1. Las Vegas. It's said that what happens in Vegas stays there, but word has gotten out on how inexpensive it can be, averaging just over $100 per night for a hotel. Nevada's most populated city is teeming with places to enjoy, including a wide variety of casinos, opportunities to see plays and musicals, as well as taste what's on the menu at fine dining restaurants all along the Vegas strip.

2. Albuquerque. You don't hear a whole lot about Albuquerque, New Mexico's most populous city that's near to the Rio Grande, but don't let its limited inconspicuous nature fool you as a place that's not great for sightseeing. The Emmy-winning television drama "Breaking Bad" was filmed in Albuquerque and visitors can take in a tour that visits the main places where Walter White's life unfolded. Some favorite points of interest include the Museum of Natural History and Science, historic landmarks like the KiMO Theater and geographical wonders like the Sandia Mountains. Hotel prices average $112 per night.

3.  Colorado Springs. More than 6,000 feet above sea level lies Colorado Springs, second to Denver in population and one of the more beautiful destinations in the world. So beautiful, in fact, it's frequently made several magazine's annual lists as the best places to live in, never mind visit. With a hotel price average of $116 per night, you'll likely want to come back for tourist attractions like Pikes Peak, and the Rocky Mountains.

4.  Memphis. If you're interested in some good old-fashioned Southern hospitality, Memphis may be your best bet. Hotel prices average $126 per night, but you likely won't be spending much time there because there are so many places to sight-see, such as the world famous Beale Street, Elvis Presley's Graceland and the National Civil Rights Museum.

5. Dallas/Ft. Worth. Texans say that everything is bigger in the Lone Star State, which you'll no doubt agree with upon arriving, with this area being home to more than 6.5 million people - more than any other Southern metropolitan area. Besides the fact that it has one of the highest concentrations of corporate headquarters, there's a wide assortment of amusement parks, architectural sites and museums to explore. The only thing that's not too big is the price for a hotel - just $126 per night.

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