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5 fun, free activities to do this summer

July 9, 2014

If there's any time of year when there's plenty of activities to do and places to see, it's got to be the summertime. And with the kids out of school, they'll need an outlet to occupy their time.

But as many parents would agree, the dollars and cents of taking kids out to dinner, amusement parks and the movies can really add up over time, not to mention grow tiresome if they always serve as the fallback. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do for next to nothing - and as we all know, "free" and "no" don't go together.

Take a look at some of these ideas for what to do with the kiddos this summer that won't have you digging into your wallet or pocketbook for more cash.

1. Take a hike! The best way to take advantage of the warm weather is by doing activities in the great outdoors. Do some homework on nearby hikes that are available, many of which don't cost anything at all, and if they do, prices are usually quite affordable.

2. Visit the airport. If you want to go to a place where there's a lot of action, the airport is your target destination. If your kids are interested in planes or aviation, there are usually viewing areas at most airports where you can watch planes take off and land throughout the day.

3. See an outdoor play. Many communities have volunteer organizations where aspiring actors and actresses "break a leg" through musical performances, rehearsals and plays. Often times, these events are free to the public. Check with your local chamber of commerce to see when these happen and if admittance is free. If adults have to pay, your kids may not.

4. Set up your own drive-in theater. Drive-ins may not be as common these days as they used to be, but you can reconnect with your youth by setting up an outdoor theater. A large bed sheet from the linen closet and projector - which may be available at your library - is all you'll need, along with a film and some popcorn, of course.

5. 'Check out' the library. There are a precious few places where you can go in and take pretty much anything you want, which is what makes libraries so unique. In fact, not only can you check out books for your kids, but you can also usually take advantage of DVDs available for borrowing.

In short, if you're looking for something free to do this summer, there's plenty of pursuits to consider.

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