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5 flowers to include in your summer garden palette

June 12, 2014

Whether it's repainting the interior of your house, the presentation of a finely prepared dinner or a eye-catching clothing ensemble, nothing expresses inventiveness and originality quite like color. Hues of various shades help convey feelings and emotions that paint a portrait for the eyes that nothing can duplicate.

Perhaps no where is color more fundamental to its charm and presence than in your own backyard. And in the summer - the time of year where fresh flowers are enjoyed - there are many colors to choose from, largely depending on the plants you prefer. Take a look at some of these recommendations for the best garden flowers for as you go about planning the perfect garden palette.

1. Go pink with perennial hibiscus. Well-known in the South and Northeast, the hibiscus livens up flower garden patches with soft shades of pink and white petals. Though they may not be as brilliant in color as other perennials, they have a way of standing out from the crowd, making them an ideal accent or focal point.

2. Purple petunias paint a picture. At one time, petunias were considered flowers that were best displayed in isolation, grown in a potted plant rather than on a plot of land. However, purple wave petunias have vine-like qualities, filling in colorless holes so no spot is lacking vibrancy.

3. Zinnias make gardens sing. No garden is complete without some red, and zinnias can give you this punch. They're not only rich in color, but they're ideal for the summer because they thrive in hot weather.

4. Bring some jolly with sea holly. Sprigs of holly you may associate with the holiday season, but alpine sea holly blends in quite nicely with flower gardens, thanks to  its blue-green leaves, accented with silver.

5. Nothing silly about the daylily. Aptly named, the yellow blossoms on these flowers last about 24 hours at full bloom. However, because their stems have multiple buds, daylillies are garden gifts that keep on giving, often lasting as long as five months.

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