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4 ways to get a jump start on spring cleaning

January 30, 2015

Just because there's still snow on the ground that doesn't mean you can't get a head start on your spring cleaning. Many people wait until the weather starts getting warm to break out their mops and dusters, but there are plenty of chores you can complete during the late winter months. Here are four ways to get a jump start on your spring cleaning so you can enjoy the warm weather when it arrives.

1. Make a cleaning calendar
One important step toward a whole-house cleanse is creating a detailed cleaning calendar. When you plan out all the important tasks you want to tackle, your efforts will be a lot more organized and efficient. Without a calendar, you may miss some essential chores, like changing your furnace filter or neglecting your dryer's lint trap.

2. Enlist your family
There's no need to undertake the task of spring cleaning alone. Ask your family to help out by claiming a few chores or a specific area of your home. Your kids might want to tackle their bedrooms, while your spouse may be responsible for the garage. When you divvy up the chores on your cleaning schedule, everything will get done much quicker and the whole process will be behind you in no time.

3. Start by purging
If you're not quite ready to jump into sweeping and scrubbing, you can always start your spring cleanse by clearing out unnecessary clutter. Pick a weekend when the weather is inclement and start purging your closets and storage areas. Throw away useless knick knacks, worn out clothes and expired cleaning supplies. You can also make a pile of gently worn clothing, toys and books to donate to charity. Once you've cleared the clutter out of your home, spring cleaning won't seem like such a massive undertaking.

4. Take baby steps
Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will your home be cleaned in one. While you may want to just get spring cleaning out of the way, you'll do a much better job if you take it one task at a time. Try to conquer just one or two areas of your home each weekend. If you start in the late winter months, you'll be finished with your tidying efforts by spring. Baby steps are definitely the way to go with such a big undertaking.

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