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4 tips to make the most of your tiny kitchen

April 18, 2015

Having a tiny kitchen shouldn't limit you. Instead, consider it a challenge to find unique and innovative ways to decorate. Here are four tips to help you rise to the occasion.

1. Use cabinet doors for storage
While you can't possibly fit anymore glassware, plates, bowls and plastic containers onto of your shelves, you can maximize the space by taking advantage of the doors. Hammer a few nails into each cabinet door and use the makeshift hooks however you'd like. 

It can be a new place to hang your measuring cups and rubber gloves. You can also use the cabinet doors in other ways. For example, you could put a chalk board on the door. This way, you won't have to choose between having a visible to-do list or your favorite piece of artwork in the kitchen. 

2. Look to the ceilings for pots and pans 
Houzz has more than 1,000 pot racks and accessories for sale, meaning you don't have to compromise quality for convenience. If you're not sure where to put something, why not put it on the ceiling? These racks aren't just limited to pots and pans, either. Some of them allow you to arrange books, wine glasses and even knick knacks. You can pick and choose a rack that'll harmoniously play off your other kitchen decor. 

3. Turn your silverware into decor
If your kitchen simply isn't spacious enough to tuck away every little piece of cutlery, then perhaps you should embrace it. Let it all hang out. Hang a few racks around the kitchen, under the cabinets or on cabinet doors. Invest in a few jars or vases and other ways to make your glassware or salad spoons appear like an intentional piece of decor. 

Teeny tiny kitchen counters don't have to be inconvenient. You simply have to know how you can rework the space. Offbeat Home blog suggested using a flatware caddy. Arrange forks, knives and napkins in the holder and place the entire display on your kitchen table. This way, you'll have more drawer space. 

4. Magnetize your spices
According to Woohome, you can create your very own magnetized spice rack. Swap out your larger one for this quick and convenient display. Then, you can put your spices in an empty photo frame and hang the entire piece on your wall. Opt for a more elaborate display for style points. One of the options highlighted by the source included a blackboard for a backdrop. Then, you can write the name of each spice in a pretty font with colored chalk. 

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