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4 surefire ways to lower your electric bill

June 9, 2014

Who couldn't use some savings when it comes to utilities? From cable bills, to water expenses, to propane delivery, the costs really add up. This is particularly true for electricity. Like it or not, Americans use a whole lot of electricity for virtually everything - the equivalent of nearly 10,900 kilowatt hours in the average year and 903 kWh in the typical month, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. And that's per person! The key, of course, is to look for ways in which to reduce electricity use without it having a major impact on your daily needs. Take a look at these suggestions. Even doing one of them may result in substantial savings by the time you get your bill. 1. Assess how much energy you're using. You can't really know where to begin unless you know how much power you use. Talk to your power company about getting an energy monitor. These gadgets are small and easy to use so you can figure out precisely how much energy your home consumes. Some have features that allow you to see which appliances use the most electricity to run. 2. Read owners' manual on appliances. Refrigeration, air conditioning and several other appliance companies are sensitive to the fact that it can cost a lot to run their products. As a result, companies have suggestions on how to set up appliances so that they use less energy. For example, refrigerators have vacation settings, ensuring that foods remain cold just not as cold under normal conditions. 3. Educate your kids. If you have children, you know full well that they can be major electricity consumers. It's not altogether surprising, though, as parents are the ones who pay for the energy bill. Social science researchers from Clarkson University say that if parents actually show kids how their activities affect the electric bill, it may cause them to change their behavior, especially the older ones who will soon be out on their own. 4. Take back control of the thermostat. Besides what to watch on TV, the temperature of the house is something that families can never seem to agree on. In fact, a recent poll found that more than 25 percent of people adjust the home's temperature when no one is looking. You can solve this problem by installing a programmable thermostat. This helps keep the house at a constant temperature, avoiding the ups and downs that drain electricity.
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