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4 end-of-summer adventures to take with your family

August 25, 2014

As September draws near, kids begin to lament their return to the classroom. An outdoor family adventure is the perfect way to banish those back-to-school blues and get one last hurrah from summer. Here are four fun day trips that will encourage family bonding and make the most of the nice weather.

1. Take a day-long hiking trip
Get outside and enjoy the warm weather with your family while you still have the chance. There are many cool hiking spots for you to explore. See if there's a wildlife preserve, hiking chasm or mountain trail near your home. Once you have a destination, pack up water, snacks, a basket lunch and plenty of bug spray. Be sure to bring along a bag for your trash - explain to your kids what can happen to animals when you litter.

2. Tackle a ropes course
If there's a ropes course in your area, it can be an awesome bonding activity for older children. Your whole family can participate in the low course activities that encourage teamwork and problem solving. If you're more daring, try your hand at the high-ropes course, where your family will climb, swing and jump. It's a great way to build up confidence and face fears. You'll be attached securely to a safety harness and under careful supervision, so there's no need to worry.

3. Go bug collecting
Although not for the squeamish, a bug hunting trip can be a lot of fun! Pack up your nets, jars and magnifying glasses and head to a public field or forest. Show your kids how to turn over rocks and gently pick up the creepy-crawlers. If you have a bug guide, identify your captives together and learn how they help the environment. At the end of the day, be sure to put all the bugs and rocks back where you found them.

4. Complete a zoo scavenger hunt
Younger kids will love having a project during a day trip to the zoo. Use your creativity to make a list of critters to find. Instead of listing specific animals, you might want to use descriptions like: an animal that's taller than you, a baby mammal, a critter with scales or a creature that lives in the ocean. When you get to the zoo, set up a meeting time and location, then pair up and explore! Make sure to take pictures of all the animals you find. Whoever found the most items on the list gets a prize, like an extra $10 at the gift shop or to pick where you eat dinner.

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