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4 DIY backyard toys your kids will love

February 26, 2015

Soon enough your kids will be outside enjoying the spring weather, so why not give them reason to smile? Sure, swing sets and other backyard fixtures can cost you a pretty penny, but not everything has to be a major financial investment. Spruce up your home with these four do-it-yourself toys so you and your loved ones can look forward to spending time together in your own backyard. 

1. Put up a tire swing
Your house will be the coolest place on the block with one of these, especially if you live in a neighborhood full of kids. According to DIY Network, all there is to hanging a tire swing is finding the right tree, tire and sturdy rope. Locate a maple or oak and avoid any trees that might be too "springy" as the source put it. Chat up the professionals in the hardware store so you can purchase rope that's durable enough to hold a person and strong enough to withstand the sun's rays. Then, assemble all of the parts using a YouTube video and you're good to go!

2. Make an outdoor music center
The Kids Space Stuff blog offered up a genius suggestion for families seeking to make their backyards more fun. Ward off boredom by devoting a small portion of the yard to a music venue for your little ones. You can make a xylophone using keys from an old xylophone and some nails. Hammer nails into a fence in your backyard and hang the keys from each nail. You can also arrange old pots and pans in the same fashion to make a drum set. 

3. Build a play car or school bus
Remember that your children probably have something that many adults have left behind in their youth - imagination. Mummy and Musings and Mayhem explained that you can make a natural playscape from chairs and other recycled household objects. Put up a waist-high fence in your backyard and fill the gated area with brightly colored chairs and anything else that's safe for playtime. It'll be their own special place to have fun. 

4. Install a miniature tightrope
Happy Hooligans suggested this great idea. Fasten a few pieces of rope between two trees in your yard and your kids can have fun walking across the tightrope. Be sure the rope is low enough to the ground to avoid injuries. Also remember to install a top piece of rope, at shoulder-length of your children, so your little ones can use it as a hand guide. 

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