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3 tips to get your holiday shopping done

November 20, 2014

Does it seem you're always making last-minute trips to the mall during the holidays? How about those frantic last minute gift-wrapping sessions? You practically have labels coming out of your ears and, not to mention, you're missing out on some family fun. Cut yourself some slack and try out these three tips to accomplish all of your holiday shopping in a timely fashion. 

1. Don't put it off until tomorrow

Let Pablo Picasso's words, "Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone," be your mantra. Own it, breathe it, be it. That's right - if you're out at the mall or a toy store, and you happen to come across that new dollhouse or video game your kids have been raving about, just buy it. 

As it turns out, prices typically increase as it gets closer to Christmas. So, if you're thinking that you can find a less-expensive option elsewhere, you might be wrong. The Wall Street Journal solved the Black Friday mystery in 2012 when it released a piece on how the hyped-up shopping day is a myth. By examining 2 to 6 years of pricing data, the publication was able to determine that many retailers hike up their prices closer to Christmas.

2. Establish a detailed plan

In addition to getting as much done as you can in one shot, you should also design a detailed plan that'll outline your budget, kid's wish lists and stores. Be as specific as you can here. How many times do you find yourself spacing out at a shelf of toys only to realize that you can't remember if it's a board game or videogame that your son had in mind this holiday season? Write it out and get to work.

Not only can this strategy help you remember what items you should be on the lookout for, but it might keep you on budget. Additionally, making lists can motivate you to get more done. Take it a step further and write reasons why you want to purchase these items prior to a certain date. As Next Avenue contributor Suzanne Gerber explained, writing these out can help you stay focused and motivated. 

3. Online and app shopping

If you feel like you need a nice night in with a glass of wine, then do your shopping from your living room. Plenty of places offer free shipping! Take full advantage of them, kick your feet up and relax this holiday season. 

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