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3 quick ways to get your fans clean

July 29, 2014

The dog days of summer are right around the corner - the time of year when the temperatures outside really ramp up, making fans and air conditioners not just desirable, but downright necessary. You may have given your A/C a maintenance check, but what about portable and ceiling fans? They need maintenance, too, just like any other appliance.

Take a look at these tips for how you can get your fans flowing freely once they've been put through a good cleaning.

1. Give your portable fan parts a bath. Box fans are great because you can put them pretty much anywhere there's a socket to plug them into. But you've probably noticed some crud that's built up on the blades. You take the blades out pretty easily by unscrewing the front grill (unplug first!). With your sink filled with warm, soapy water, submerse the blades into the water and wipe clean with a sponge. Then, dry thoroughly and reinstall, ensuring that they're completely dry before being used again.

2. Get an extendable duster for ceiling fans. Ceiling fans can be more of a pain to clean because they're so high up. In fact because of this, it's difficult to see when they really need a dusting. This is problem is solved, though, with an extendable duster. Available pretty much anywhere household cleaning products are sold, these are tailor-made for ceiling fans because they fit nicely over the fan blades. Just be sure to place a tarp or newspaper on the ground in order to collect all the dust.

3. Cover them up before you put them away. Once autumn arrives and temperatures cool, don't just stick portable fans in the closet. If you want to spare yourself from cleaning them next summer, throw a fresh plastic trash bag around them. This will prevent dust particles from finding their way inside when they go into storage.

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