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3 great ways to celebrate the World Cup

June 9, 2014

Starting June 12 and lasting to mid July, 32 countries from around the globe will compete in intense competition in a bid to be the undisputed champion of soccer - far and away the world's most popular sport, which to the rest of the world is known as football. The host country of Brazil has won five previous World Cup titles, more than any other country, and are once again considered the heavy favorites to win this year's tournament. However, Spain, the 2010 World Cup winner, will no doubt be a challenge, not to mention other Western European countries like Germany, Italy and England. Though millions of people will be in attendance at one or several games, most soccer fans will be enjoying the tournament from the comfort of home. But just because you're watching on television doesn't mean you can't be every bit as patriotic as those in attendance. Take a look at these ideas for how to demonstrate country pride by hosting a World Cup Party: 1. Team pride! Everyone has their favorite team, so have your guests bring a dish, beverage or game that comes from their teams' home country. Also, make it a rule that everyone needs to sport some gear that represents who they're rooting for - you might even consider having refs or security guards on hand to quell any brewing hooliganism among your guests. 2. Include the kids. Not only is soccer the most popular sport among adults in the world, but odds are good that your son or daughter likes to kick the ball around during recess or on an organized team. Naturally, they'll want to take part in your World Cup festivities. Whether they're rooting for America or another country, there are some great flags that they can color, helping to combine a bit of fun and education at the same time. 3. Sweeten things up with a dessert. Of course, no party is complete without some tasty treats. Typical party fare like chips and dip, salsa and assorted cheeses are always great, but you'll definitely want to have a dessert of some kind - one that really "kicks." McCormick has a pretty simple recipe for how to make soccer ball cookies. All you'll need are some cookie cutters, food coloring, sugar, milk and a few other ingredients.
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