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3 great DIY ways to bring pizzazz to your headboard

June 26, 2014

Like a snowman without its head or a cowboy without his cap, there's something missing when a bed doesn't have a headboard. Talk to any interior designer, and they'll surely tell you that the headboard not only puts the finishing touch on a full, queen or king size bed, but lends a certain panache to a bedroom that gives it that extra sense of flair that everyone's after.

But if you want to inject your own personal style into your resting place, how about designing a headboard of your own? Believe it or not, it's not as hard as it sounds and will surely make for a good night's sleep thanks to the positives vibes it provides. Here are three examples that are sure to bring your bedroom to life.

1.  Looks good with wood. Wood has to be one of the most reliable, consistent materials that delivers on adding luxury and style to home living. This also applies to headboards. As recommended by HGTV, you'll need to have furring strips, whitewood boards, finish nails of varying lengths and carpenter's glue for starters. It's also a good idea to have sandpaper handy to keep things smooth when the time comes for painting. You'll also want to make sure the dimensions are the appropriate length for the size of bed you have. For example, a headboard for a queen size bed should be 65 ½ inches long and about 57 ¼ inches tall.

2. Bring upholstery back to life. If you're looking for uniform design, outfitting your headboard with upholstery is a great way to make a bold statement. With some staples, a hot glue gun and a basic understanding of how to sew, it shouldn't take long for you to deck out your headboard with big colors that only upholstery can mimic.

3. Take cover! Then again, maybe you already have a headboard that you like, but through one accident or another, it's gotten a bit beat up over the years. Provided it's still solidly constructed, you can makeover a battered headboard simply by covering it up with a slipcover. Once you have the type of material you want to clothe your headboard with, trace the outline of the headboard onto the fabric. Make sure you give yourself some extra space when tracing, as you can always trim off excess if it's too big.

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