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3 foods to boost omega-3 intake

June 10, 2014

When it comes to fat, a lot of the country can't help but be confused. Take a recent survey as an example. Approximately 42 percent of people polled incorrectly believed that all fats played a role in increasing cholesterol levels. In fact, when those who "didn't know" were included, the rate increased to more than half! 

So often what Americans thinks when they hear "dietary fat" is to just avoid it at all costs, as if it were the plague. But talk to any dietitian, and they'll tell you quite plainly that the body needs fat for various reasons. After all, it's the body's most abundant form of energy and is a key component to healthy brain function.

One of the healthiest forms of fat is omega-3 fatty acids. Found largely in fish, omega-3s may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and may even boost your mood. However, based on a recent study published in the National Journal, Americans as a rule aren't getting the amount of omega-3 fatty acids they should be.

"Omega-3 fatty acids are deemed important from authoritative bodies such as AHA and DGA, however, as our study shows, the majority of American adults do not consume the recommended levels for fish and omega-3 fatty acid," said James Brooks, M.D., the study's author. "Strategies to increase consumption of omega-3 fatty acid intake in the U.S. population need to be addressed."

Here are a few nutritious foods that have healthy amounts of omega-3 fatty acids: 

1. Walnuts. The outer shells of walnuts may be hard to crack, but there's nothing difficult about getting high quality omega-3s from this tree nut. A quarter of a cup brings more than 100 percent of your daily recommended value.

2. Brussels sprouts. What look like miniature cabbages are loaded with omega-3s. Just one cup of cooked Brussels sprouts has 11 percent of what you should be getting daily for this vital nutrient.

3. Flaxseeds. You may not be having a side of flaxseeds at your next meal, but these seeds are popular additions to whole wheat foods like bread, dinner rolls and even pizza crusts. Two tablespoons worth of flax seed has nearly 133 percent of what you ought to be consuming each day in omega-3s.

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