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10 tips for the perfect Labor Day staycation

August 12, 2014

Instead of dishing out money on a vacation this Labor Day weekend, why not spend time relaxing, playing and pampering in the comfort of your own home? Use these tips to plan the perfect staycation for the long weekend.

1. Limit communication
You wouldn't bring work emails to the beach with you (at least we hope not), so why read them at home? Put up an out-of-office auto-response and log out of your work email. Turn off the notifications on your phone so you're not even tempted to look. Consider turning your cell phone off for the weekend, too, or at least leave it behind during family time. 

2. Have the house cleaned
Hire a maid service to give the house a once-over before the weekend. If everything's already pristine, you won't feel the need to break out the vacuum and duster.

3. Plan a takeout schedule
Get the family together on Friday night and plan your meals. No cooking is allowed on a staycation, so make a list of everyone's favorite take-out restaurants.

4. Read a good book
There's probably a book that you've been meaning to read, but haven't had the time. Make a point to read for an hour (or more) each day. 

5. Have a spa afternoon
Instead of heading out to your favorite spa, hire a massage therapist who will come to you. If the kids want to partake, find a recipe for a DIY facial mask and sugar scrub.

6. Use your best linens
If you have 800-count Egyptian cotton sheets that you never seem to use, break them out. Fluff your plushest towels and lounge in your softest robe.

7. Have a yoga retreat
Set the kids up with a movie, then lay out your mat, pick serene music and light a candle or two. Don't worry about perfecting your poses - just do what feels natural. Breathe deeply and relax your muscles one by one. 

8. Set up a backyard water park
If you get a warm, sunny day, drag out the sprinkler, kiddie pool and hose. If you can find a tarp, rig up a slip-and-slide. The kids and dog will have the time of their lives, and it won't cost you a dime!

9. Host a cookout
Invite family and friends over for a potluck dinner on the deck. Use paper plates and plastic utensils so no one has to clean up after.

10. Spend time as a family
Your staycation will be one to remember if you make plenty of family memories. Watch movies together, go for walks or roast s'mores in the backyard. Laughing with loved ones will make your weekend just as good as any getaway.

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